We, Priyanka Rubbers are based in Hyderabad, Telangana and were established in the year 2004. We prevail as the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Rubber Crumb Powder and Rubber Scrap. We have captured the market with our competency with dispersing adequate supplies as per the customers needs and with immediacy. We provide variety within our offerings that suit their requirements. We believe that in providing complete customer satisfaction and make sure that no compromises are made at any cost.

We procure the raw materials from various reliable sources of suppliers and vendors available in the industry. These materials are brought to the facility to regulate strict quality checks. This ensures the rendering of the best standards in our output. The conversion of solid samples into fine material is followed with. All the manual and automated functioning is heavily scrutinized under the watch of our facility personnel, who with their diligent and focused work ethics deliver a strong service to the company. All production processes are implemented in a state-of-the-art facility that functions with the collaboration of several sub-divisions to enable bulk production.

Our company has thrived under partnered proprietorship for the entirety of its time. The brand’s indomitable success and consistent growth can be credited to the astute leadership and excellent business sense, who have been in this market since 25 years.







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