Crumb rubber infill is added to artificial turf to form an impact absorbing, stabilizing base that protects the synthetic blades of grass from wear and keeps them upright with a natural appearance. Priyanka’s crumb rubber infill excels in this application due to the consistency of the rubber particles and its very low dust characteristics.

  • Increases Playability of a sports field up to 10 times more than natural grass
  • Reduces Water, Pesticide and Herbicide usage
  • Reduces Player Injuries
  • Dramatically Reduces Maintenance Costs
  • Provides All-Weather Performance

Crumb Rubber for Running Tracks:

Crumb Rubber mixed with binders provide a solid, long lasting surface that is ideal for running and other track and field events. It can be used as a highly durable and resilient subsurface with a colored top coat or it can be used as a homogenous black solid surface. The use of crumb rubber in running tracks results in a dramatic decrease in maintenance, while increasing safety and all-weather availability.

We can provide crumb rubber in many sieve sizes to meet the requirements of all customers.

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